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A specification for the order will be created from a detailed questionnaire that the customer must complete and return upon placing their order. All design work will be carried out based on the customers specification and covers all elements of a build.

The customer will approve the design for each stage of the entire build before progressing onto the next step of the build process.

If the customer wishes to provide their own set design then this will also be welcomed.

Designs are never repeated so the customer has a true one of a kind arcade stick/cabinet/controller.


All arcade sticks/cabinets/controllers can be finished in a host of different materials and finishes. This ranges from natural wood finish to show off that amazing wood grain, custom automotive grade paint work for that eye catching finish or transparent using clear acrylic for that glass look and feel.

Specialising in custom paint work means we can give you absolutely any colour, finish, effect and type of clear coating such as matt, satin or high gloss mirror finish.

All natural wood finish cases will also be finished using automotive clear coat products for an extremely durable finish.

Transparent acrylic cases are also polished to a mirror finish to give the appearance of glass.

All work is meticulously inspected to maintain high quality craftsmanship and finish.

Any defective work will be discarded and redone in order to provide the perfect product and finish.


B15 SDM Deisgns prides themselves on building the most robust and durable arcade stick/cabinets/controllers available.

By using special construction methods and high quality materials, results in an extremely solid arcade stick/cabinet/controller which is capable of handling all forms of intense use.

Each arcade stick/cabinet/controller is built complete from scratch using a range of materials such as solid hardwood, solid acrylic, MDF, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, fibreglass, copper, brass, acrylic & polycarbonate sheet. Other materials can also be used, if its available we can use it.

Internal & Wiring

All elements of the inside of the case will match the theme of the build. All wiring , sleeving, heat shrink tubing and terminals will also be colour matched to the final design.

All wiring works will be carried out in a very neat minimal finish. Every single PCB is mounted on dedicated pcb feet with machine screw fixing.

Additional LEDs are mounted inside the case to illuminate the interior and provide a form of accent lighting.

Why choose a B15 SDM Arcade Stick?

1. Acrylic or polycarbonate (Lexan) top panel (minimum 3mm thk) to protect artwork template. Acrylic provides a higher scratch resitance when compared to polycarbonate (Lexan), however polycarbonate is unbreakable.

2. Artwork layer is printed onto high quality photo paper minimum 260gsm ranging from matt, satin and gloss finish.

3. Thick steel panel cut to customers stick and button configuration. This panel is almost double the thickness of all manufactured arcade sticks and provides a solid play surface with no possibility of flexing.

4. Reinforcement panel (12mm 1/2") is installed under the metal panel and provides infinite possibilities of PCB mounting.

5. Corner blocks are installed to reinforce the construction of the case and provide fixing for the layered panels.

6. The case can be built to any size and is constructed from solid hardwood or solid acrylic. Solid acrylic is 10x more dense than solid hardwood and almost 2x heavier. Case construction can also be built from any other materials but must be confirmed prior to ordering. Solid hardwood cases generally have a wall thickness of 45mm and 35mm for solid acrylic. Any size available. No MDF used for main structure except for reinforcement panel (4)

7. Stainless steel frame to provide a viewing window to the inside of the case to show off the super neat wiring setup and lighting effects.

8. Acrylic or polycarbonate bottom panel (minimum 3mm thk)

9. Choice of 35 or 40mm aluminium screw on feet or smaller diameter rubber feet. Access can be gained to the inside of the case for servicing within 1 minute by simply unscrewing the feet to the underside by hand so no tools required. 

10. All top and lower layered panels are secured using M5 stainless steel socket head screws which fix into brass threaded inserts. This means there is no worry of ruining the thread of the holes and screws.

11. Button holes can be located where ever the customer wishes and will accept both snap-in and screw-in type. Customer has choice of fixed USB cable or detachable using any of the Neutrik products.

12. We can install absolutely any make and model of arcade sticks ie, Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happ, IL, Crown, Fanta etc. If its available we can fit them.

13. Adjustable spacer to provide tuning the height of the balltop depending on the customers requirements.

14. Customers choice of make, model of buttons. Again, if its available we can fit them.

15. Opaque shaft dust cover or clear acrylic type with custom etching.

16. Choice of ball top or bat top which can be fully customised to suit the theme. 

Weight of complete arcade stick:

Regular size 400 x 270 x 65mm - 4-6kg

Larger size case 520mm x 270 x 70mm- 7-9kg

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